Avoiding Overwatering Issues

Lawn Sprinklers Can Overwater Your LawnWith your new sprinkler system underway, you may be eager to start watering your lawn. Be mindful of your grass and it’s water consumption this spring and avoid overwatering.

Typically, grass is not demanding for water until mid-summer, when it is most hot and there is less rain in Michigan. Any overwatering sooner could potentially do more harm then good.

Too Much Or Too Little Water From Your Lawn Sprinklers Could Hurt Your Lawn

Follow these few steps to help you be more mindful of water consumption this spring:

  • Pay attention to your grass’ needs: Your lawn may appear lush with a lot of water, but truthfully, your lawn equally needs a break from all the moisture. Most healthy lawns are adaptable to rainfall in each region of Michigan, and don’t need additional watering assistance until July or August. New forms of grass are being placed into the market that now thrives on less water consumption. Know what type of lawn you have in your yard and water accordingly.
  • Overwatering is bad news: The experts at Capital Sprinkling know that the healthiest lawns are somewhat dry. This dry soil allows grass to grow lusciously, pushing its roots deeper into the ground, in the effort to find more water or moisture. Grass that is overwatered will have shorter roots, as they don’t need to sink as far to find this source of nourishment. These smaller roots will not hold or maintain much sustenance, especially during a drought or exceptionally dry part of a season. During these dry parts, do not try and overcompensate for the rain. Long periods of deep watering are not good for your lawn, causing your grass to be permanently moist and unable to dry out. Likewise, overwaterization will attack more bugs, pests, and infections to your grass and lawn.
  • Time your watering: Look ahead at the weather and see when rain is expected, and about how much. If it is going to rain tomorrow or rained the previous day, there is no need to water your lawn today. Again, most healthy lawns only need the added value of sprinklers during the hottest and driest parts of the seasons. The best time to water your lawn is right before the sun comes up. When you water during the day, the moisture does not have enough time to sink deep into the ground, causing it to evaporate faster and be less useful. Likewise, watering at night can cause your lawn to remain damp, and promote more disease among your grass. Short periods of watering during cooler parts of hot days, are most ideal.

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