Backyard Entertaining & Maintaining Your Lawn

Girl Having Fun On A Healthy LawnThe summer and fall seasons are prime entertainment months for you and your backyard. From cookouts, playing games in the grass, enjoying a drink on the patio, and other entertainment events, you’ll be spending plenty of time outside. Here are a few simple tips for your lawn, to keep it looking and feeling great for all of your outdoor summer and fall activities.

Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • Always mow and water your lawn: This should be obvious, but regular maintenance on your lawn during these months is crucial. Mowing once or twice a week, depending on the length of your grass, and regular sprinkler irrigation, is imperative to a healthy lawn. Keep your lawn looking great all the way through October, when things start to drastically cool down.
  • Aerate your lawn to keep things healthy: When your soil is thick, your lawn can become difficult to handle. Aerating your lawn is a great way to make sure it will last through the extremely hot summer days, and into the fall. Your soil will start to break up, receive nutrients and water more effectively, and keep your lawn feeling great.
  • Fertilize in the fall: Don’t assume that you need to fertilize your lawn all summer long. To keep your lawn healthy and balanced, fall is the time for the heavy duty work. Your fertilizer should be a mixture of slow-released nitrogen elements, especially on specific lawns (i.e., cool-season turf). By fertilizing in the fall, your lawn will appear more lush and beautiful.
  • Replenish soil by over seeding: Fill in those holes and patchy gaps in your lawn by over seeding. Weeds will stop finding their way through these spots, as soon as new grass starts to grow in, making your lawn appear fuller than ever before.
  • Control the bugs and weeds: The end of summer and early part of fall is also a great time to taking control of those pesky insects and weeds across your lawn. In order to eliminate and stop them from taking over, spend extra time to keep your lawn lush and clean, but incorporating all of the above elements into your end of summer tasks.

Any More Questions?

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