Becoming “The Grass Is Always Greener” Home

Greener GrassKeeping your lawn green not only has environmental benefits for your home and living area, but is an added benefit for outdoor events and activities. When you’re host to barbeques, picnics, and youth activities, your yard needs to be in prime condition. When taking care of your lawn during spring, summer, and fall, there are a few key steps to ensuring your grass is always green.

Soil Testing

Testing your soil allows you to get an exact reading of the healthiness of your lawn. Proper pH measurements, quality and quantity of nutrients in your lawn, and other essential lawn needs are vital for longevity of greener grass. Capital Sprinkling can take the guesswork of these areas off your list for you, by offering Soil Testing as a part of our lawn repair services.


After you have tested your soil, your fertilization process should be customized for the needs of your lawn. The soil test will determine how much, and which nutrients need to be added into your fertilization. There are several different options for fertilization and Capital Sprinkling can help guide you in the right direction. Whether you need a slow-release process, or prefer organic materials, your lawn will thrive when fertilized properly.

Maintain Calcium

Weeds are usually a sign that your lawn is lacking in calcium. The calcium ratio for your lawn, in conjunction with magnesium, should be seven to one. If your lawn doesn’t meet these requirements, which can be determined in the soil test, Capital Sprinkling can help guide you down the right path to a weed free space. Likewise, if you do see weeds, make sure to pull them early. Ideally, weeds are easiest to remove right after it rains.

Add Compost

Organic compost matter can help lawns during the early spring seasons of outdoor activities. Regardless if you purchase or make the compost, it should be earthy, rich, and smell slightly sweet.

Improve Your Lawnmower

Are the blades on your mower looking dull? Get your blades on your mower sharpened, especially before the mowing season starts. Capital Sprinkling advises you to have your mowers sharpened after 12 hours of use.

Let It Grow

While we all love the look of short grass, from a distance and for environmental reasons, letting your grass grow out a little longer is better in the long run. Your grass should be about 3 ½ inches, in order to maximize the benefits of all of the fertilization you are putting down.

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