Dollar Spots On Your Lawn And What To Do About Them

Lawn SpotHave you noticed white spots popping up on your lawn this summer? If so, they could be a common lawn disease known as lawn spots. This yellowish area on your lawn is usually the size of a silver dollar (hence the name), and can spread easily from your shoes to other parts of your grass. When not treated professionally and quickly, dollar spots can quickly take over your lawn and become a huge problem.

What causes a dollar spot?

  • Watering problems – If your lawn is not watered enough or correctly, your soil and grass will become weak. Consequently, if you water your lawn too much, and the moisture does not seep through the ground, it will create a swampy area. Dollar spots thrive in areas where the soil and grass roots are dry, which is why under watering and overwatering can lead to this disease.
  • Unhealthy grass – When your lawn isn’t healthy, dollar spots are more likely to appear. Watering, fertilizing, and properly cutting your lawn are all important factors to consider when warding off diseases. A healthier lawn is less likely to develop dollar spots.
  • Types of grass – While dollar spots can happen on any lawn, certain types of grass are more likely to form dollar spots than others. If you’re noticing that your lawn is continuously developing this disease, even with proper treatment, you may want to consider a different lawn.

How can you cure a dollar spot?

  • Water regularly – This means that your soil needs to be receiving moisture on a consistent basis
  • Don’t water in the evening – Because this lawn disease is also prone to popping up in areas where the top of the grass is wet, and didn’t seep below, try and avoid watering in the evening if you have dollar spots. This will ensure that the water will not sit on top of the lawn all night long in the cooler weather.
  • Increase nitrogen – Fertilizers with higher amounts of nitrogen are more likely to be able to push the water from your lawn into your soil and move dollar spots out of your lawn.

If you’ve factored in all of the treatments we listed above, and dollar spots still seem to plague your lawn, it’s time to call Capital Sprinkling. With professional lawn sprinkler placement and water retention, we can help you find a better solution to keeping your lawn healthy all year long!