Keep Up Your Garden

Tips For More Successful GardeningWith environmental efforts at the forefront of news and media postings, it is hard to ignore how you can help make a positive global impact. One way you can help your lawn, environment, and reducing a carbon footprint, is by maintaining a garden. With fruits, veggies, and flowers, growing abundantly, your lawn will quickly see the benefits. With a few easy steps to help you get started on maintaining and healthy garden, you can have better control over how you flowers grow and what you’re eating. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have that ‘green thumb.’ With work and perseverance, these tips will become second nature, in no time.

  • Soil Health: Research what type of soil is underneath your grass and lawn, in order to better understand how to keep it healthy. Know how much water you soil needs, the pH level, chemical makeup, and how it absorbs and retains water, in order to maximize your soil conservation efforts. By feeding your soil prior to planting, you will end up with healthier flowers and food. Before you jump into adding compost, make sure to break up the soil with a shovel. This will also help you determine what plants and produce are best to plant in your yard.
  • Weed Control: Maintain your yard by keeping the weeds under control. Don’t let the weeds take over the water consumption, food, and daylight, which should be allotted for your plants and produce. Make sure to start pulling weeds and unwanted grass before you start planting anything. By placing quality mulch on your lawn can help minimize weeds from popping up. Stay on top of your lawn by pulling weeds, daily, or as you see them grow.
  • Plant Protection: It’s important to protect your plants and produce from the bugs and pests that roam our environment. Make sure to only use organic and biologically controlled products. These products will repel and diminish the amount of pets that attack your garden, without harming the quality. Insecticidal soap or strong flows of water will also help strengthen your garden and keep pests away.
  • Harvest Often: Make sure to keep your garden looking great by harvesting any crops when they are ripe. Any plants that are diseased or dying should be removed quickly, in order to eliminate the potential of multiplying and taking over. When you harvest and replant in cycles, your garden will maintain and healthy glow. By keeping your garden clean, organized, and fresh, it will flourish for years to come.