Keeping Your Lawn Mosquito Free

Keeping Your Lawn Mosquito FreeHave you noticed an excessive amount of mosquitoes this summer? Due to our damp winter and excessive summer rains, mosquitoes have been flocking to Metro Detroit. Normally, this issue has not been as apparent in recent years, but only a small amount of moisture can keep mosquitoes lingering for long periods of time. Some companies offer mosquito control services, but at Capital Sprinkling, we know how you can put forth your own efforts to control mosquitoes around your home and save you money. When it comes to protecting your family and lawn, there are a few steps you can put in place to minimize the appearance of mosquitoes from becoming a harmful and dangerous pest.

No More Mosquitos

  • Control the moisture: Chances are, especially with the increased rain, your lawn is not in need of daily sprinkling. Make sure to not overwater your lawn, or else you’ll create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Any area that has excessive amounts of water or lingering water will attract more pests and cause you more problems. Water your lawn only enough to keep it healthy.
  • Consistently mow your lawn: If you don’t have a mosquito problem, mowing your lawn on a regular basis is a great way to make sure that you NEVER have a mosquito infestation. Healthy and short lawns offer limited areas for misquotes to hide, causing them to find somewhere else to go, besides your home.
  • Limit standing water: Bird baths and fountains are attractive features for any lawn, but they are also a breeding pool for mosquitoes. Just like overwatering your lawn and creating pools in areas that shouldn’t exist, any standing water areas can attract more mosquitoes.

While you may think that mosquitoes are the least of your problems, remember that these creatures come from across the globe and carry diseases that have been damaging to our culture. Illnesses such as malaria, yellow fever, and the West Nile Virus has sprung up in numbers in recent years. Keep your family safe from mosquitoes by taking them seriously when it comes to your lawn!

Get back to enjoying the rest of your summer, and don’t fear running around your lawn because of mosquitoes! Put these tips into place and you’ll be mosquito free! For more questions and answers on how to control mosquitoes and other dangerous pests in your lawn, call Capital Sprinkling today at (248) 524-0885.

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