Landscape Lighting And Tips For A Better Lawn

Landscape Lighting (a.k.a. Nightscaping) Regardless of what time of year it is, your focal points in your property during the day are hidden in darkness, just waiting to be illuminated. Landscape lighting helps to bring out those focal points and textures not seen in the daylight, but which have eye-catching details by illumination. Architectural features on your home can be accented and, with the correct lighting, can be visually stunning. Landscape lighting adds beautification, usability, safe passage, security, and value to your home. Nightscaping needs regular maintenance, just like your sprinkler system does.

Avoid The 5 Major Mistakes With Landscape Lighting

Do You Really Have Time To Chase Around The Lawn Sprinkler Attached To Your Garden Hose?

With a sprinkler system you get the benefits of:

  • A scheduled time of watering your grass throughout the week. You set the schedule and the sprinkler system does the rest.
  • The convenience of not having to move a lawn sprinkler around and keep track of how long you’ve watered an area, etc.
  • Conservation. You won’t be wasting water by forgetting to move the sprinkler and having water going down the drain.
  • The ability to water every area of your yard, including shrubs, small trees, and even your garden on a set watering schedule.

As you can see, having an underground sprinkler system is much more than a luxury or a convenience. It’s really a key element in having a happy and healthy lawn. Yes, you’ll still need to mow the yard and put on the fertilizer and weed killer, but an underground sprinkler system will take care of the most important part; keeping your grass watered.

New Sprinkler System – We’ll come out to your home or business and advise you on every aspect you should consider before choosing and installing your sprinkler system. You’ll work with us as we choose a system that’s uniquely designed for your specific property – from which product brand is right for you, to where to place your sprinkler heads, to determining watering levels and frequency. We install a rain sensor with every new system. This device deactivates your system during and after a rainfall, helping to conserve water and electricity to aid in going green.

Sprinkler System Maintenance – Periodic seasonal maintenance is important to ensure that your sprinkler system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. We will also maintain existing sprinkler systems that other companies installed.

Winterizing – The most important maintenance service is the fall shutdown. The water supply is shut off and compressed air evacuates the water from the lines and sprinkler heads.

Start Up – Our other important maintenance service is done after the winter. Each spring, we return to start the system back up and check all components to your system for any damage that may have happened during the winter months.

Lawn Sprinklers – If you are planning to maintain a beautiful landscape in your home’s premises, you have to think about installing lawn sprinklers in your garden. An automatic sprinkler system is exactly what you need to create a lawn that your neighbors will always be envious of, without spending most of your time performing rudimentary gardening tasks. Here are some of the benefits from installing sprinkler systems in your backyard and some landscaping tips that can help you make the most of your special irrigation system.

Benefits From Sprinkler Systems – After installing sprinkler systems in your home, you will experience the many benefits that they bring. With an efficient irrigation system, you can save time and effort from gardening, conserve water and lower down your water bills. Automatic sprinkler systems can do all the watering for you. You will never need to spend most of your time hand watering your plants if you have a reliable irrigation system in your backyard.

You will also save a lot of money from installing lawn sprinklers in your garden. Since they use effective mechanisms to conserve water, they actually consume less water than watering by hand does. The benefits you will get from sprinkler systems are not purely economic. Irrigation systems can also prepare your lawn for winter and summer seasons.  A healthy lawn that has been deeply-watered on a regular basis will have a strong root system. With a little help from a fixed irrigation system, your lawn will survive amidst the hottest summer months and harshest winter seasons.

The Benefits Of An Underground Sprinkler System

Many people ask if an underground sprinkler system is really worth it? Does it really help improve your lawn and landscape in general? Well, I think you probably already know the answer. Yes, an underground sprinkler system will help green up your yard as well as provide you with an incredible convenience. We all are envious when we see that lush green lawn down the street. It tells everyone that the homeowner takes good care of their landscaping. But, what you may not realize is that some of this care is done automatically with their underground sprinkler system. The keys to having a green lawn are pretty basic. You need sunlight and water. Controlling the sunlight is out of your hands of course, but watering your grass is not. The problem most people have is taking the time to water their grass.

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