Capital Sprinkling Offers Lawn Sprinkler Systems For Birmingham, MI

Little girl playing with garden sprinklerDo you own a home in Birmingham, MI and can’t seem to find trusted and reliable service for your lawn? Capital Sprinkling has ventured into Birmingham, MI and offers full service lawn sprinkler system installation and lawn sprinkler repairs to all homeowners! Your property deserves to shine all year long, and Capital Sprinkling will work tirelessly to get you there!

High Quality Irrigation Installation And Lawn Sprinkler Repair For All Of Birmingham, MI

Capital Sprinkling is not only in the business of lawn sprinkler installation and lawn sprinkler repair, but we’re also focused on saving you time and money. With our comprehensive maintenance programs and full-service lawn sprinkler repair options, you can trust that your Birmingham, MI lawn is in good hands with Capital Sprinkling!

Dependable Customer Service With Lawn Sprinkler Installation And Lawn Sprinkler Repair In Birmingham, MI Since 2003

With Capital Sprinkling, your Birmingham, MI home is privy to our unbeatable customer service reputation across the city, in order to meet all of your lawn sprinkler repair and lawn sprinkler installation needs.

  • We address ALL service calls with quick and effective response times! We work around YOUR schedule and meet YOUR needs!
  • We never exceed 3-day windows when addressing your lawn sprinkler repair issues! More often, Birmingham, MI homes are visited within 1 day of service request!
  • We don’t leave you sitting at home all day, wondering if we’re going to show up! Appointment windows are NEVER longer than 2 hours!
  • We make sure that you understand what we did to your lawn and how it will work for you and your Birmingham, MI home! Capital Sprinkling provides instructional information on how to operate all lawn sprinklers!

Capital Sprinkling Offers Landscape Lighting And Irrigation Systems For Birmingham, MI In Addition To Our Unbeatable Lawn Sprinkler Services

We understand that you have options when it comes to maintaining your Birmingham, MI home and lawn. Capital Sprinkling wants to help make that decision easier, and gain your trust, which is why all quotes and estimates are FREE! As an added bonus, we are also currently offering FREE winterization services to Birmingham, MI! With this value packed service, you can see why Capital Sprinkling is the most trusted lawn sprinkler installation and lawn sprinkler repair service in Birmingham, MI.

When you’re ready to start taking back your lawn and are looking for the greenest grass on the block, call Capital Sprinkling! (248) 524-0885