Preparing For Spring In Late Fall – Bulb Planting

Planting Bulbs TipsSpring already feels like a lifetime away, now that we are dealing with the Michigan coldness earlier this year. However, don’t forget about the beautiful flowers that can emerge from your lawn and garden in the coming months! In order to grace gorgeous flowers in the spring, bulb planting needs to happen in the fall. Capital Sprinkling recommends that if you haven’t planted your bulbs yet, that now is the time to do so.

Plant the right bulbs for your lawn

Every climate, yard, and lawn makeup has an affect on what types of bulbs need to be planted. For example, there may be certain types of flowers that flourish in Michigan, but your soil may not be equip for that specific plant. If you are unsure of your lawn makeup, the experts at Capital Sprinkling have done their research on your soil, and we can help you figure out what areas would be best for water retention with plants.

Properly dig for your bulbs

When you are planting bulbs, the holes they are planted in should be properly designed and deep. Make sure to use a hand trowel or specific bulb planters to accurately create the holes for the bulbs. Overall, your holes should be almost 3 times the deepness of the height of your plants, for optimal planting. To make your lawn look like it is organically producing flowers, don’t get caught up in precise spacing and measurements. The best lawns have flowers flourishing everywhere, and not in specific areas only. Likewise, most bulbs and plants come with instructions on how to properly create holes in your lawn.

Watch your lawn shine in the spring

Before you can experience the beauty of your hard work and the budding bulbs, make sure to fertilize your lawn to withstand the winter months. This will keep your bulbs safe and properly nourished for months to come. The later you wait to plant your bulbs, the later in the spring season they will bloom. This may mean you want to space out when you plant your bulbs, in order to have flowers blooming all season long.

What type of bulbs do you typically see in your Metro Detroit neighborhoods? Get a head start on your planting today, before the cold kicks in for good!

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