Protect The Trees In Your Lawn All Winter Long

Winter Tree CarePlants and the winter months in Michigan certainly don’t mix. While this isn’t astounding news, it is important to know how to care for your trees, plants, and all of the greenery in your lawn, all winter long. Capital Sprinkling is in the business of protecting and nourishing all of the elements that incorporate your lawn, and your trees shouldn’t be forgotten. Here are a few tips to help keep your trees damage free through the harshest parts of winter.

  • Eliminate the snow and ice – Don’t let ice, snow, or any other heavy winter elements accumulate onto your trees. A snowy tree may look pretty, but it is truly causing detrimental effects on to your plants. Rather than leaving the snow and ice on your tree limbs, to eventually break and fall, make sure to shake them off. If you see your trees struggling under the snow, brush them off gently to help keep them living longer.
  • Keep trees warm with wraps – We all know how great it feels to be wrapped under a warm blanket on a cold winter day. Believe it or not, so do your trees! Wrapping your trees when it is becomes extremely cold is a great way to keep them living longer in the winter. If an ice storm is on it’s way, add some burlap to your trees and keep them safe.
  • Stabilize the temperature – Just like wrapping them in burlap during extreme cold fronts, wrapping them in plastic throughout the duration of the winter will allow them to maintain a consistent warm temperature. Trees can develop sun issues in the winter, when experiencing extreme cold with bright sunlight. This will cause the trees to lose their bark, and start to become flaky. Wrap your trees and keep them in one piece!
  • Don’t ignore the trunks – The trunks of your trees will always benefit from safety in the winter and cold months. Many animals use the bark from the trunks of trees to build shelter in the winter. In a mild winter, fertilize your tree trunks to give them an extra boost through the cold. When the weather becomes a lot colder, don’t fertilize past November or late fall.

For more tips on how to keep your green coming back after the coldest part of our seasons, call Capital Sprinkling today! (248) 524-0885