Protect Your Lawn All Winter Long

Winter Lawn TipsThe decisions you make about your lawn in the winter will affect what happens to it in the warmer months, and all year long. In order to alleviate damage to your Michigan lawn this winter, protect your grass from the cold elements that are presents for months.

Remove your car off the grass

Some driveways and households in Metro Detroit don’t come equip with enough room to park all of your cars. In the summer, many people throw parties and hold barbeques, and guests are often instructed to park on the lawn. However, in the winter, you should avoid parking on your grass at all costs.

Remember when you fertilized and aerated your lawn in the fall, to prepare for these chilly conditions? Don’t undo all that hard work by placing an incredibly heavy object on the frozen ground, even if it is already packed down by snow. Your grass is prepared to handle the cold and freezing elements, as long as you don’t add to the mix. Keep cars parked in the driveway and street, whenever possible.

Stop walking on frozen grass

When the snow finally melts but cooler conditions stick around, the ground and your grass is still frozen. While most of us are already sick of the white powder outside, Capital Sprinkling knows that a light layer of snow on your lawn could be a good thing all winter, especially if you plan on being active outside. The snow protects your grass from your feet and stopping into the frozen ground. When your grass particles are frozen, they’re more likely to become damaged from walking around on them. Stay off the lawns this winter unless there’s snow on the ground!

Remove ice build up on lawns

Like we mention earlier, a little bit a snow can truly protect your lawn all winter long. However, excessive amount of ice that are forming on your grass is bad for its’ health. The longer the ice lasts, the more frozen the ground becomes, and damage can instill quickly. While there isn’t much you can do about removing the ice right now, be cautious of what repairs you will need to make in the warmer weather.

Be weary of ice melters

While they’re great for your sidewalks and driveway, ice melters are horrible for your lawn. The chemicals that are present in ice melters can be dangerous for your lawn to take in. Even though it’s not warm enough for your lawn to show what the chemicals would do to it now, once spring hits, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money from knowing you were cautious with your lawn.

Be safe this winter and keep your lawn covered as much as possible! We know the snow is an eye-sore after a few days, but it’s protecting your grass for the months to come!