Saving Money On Your Lawn

Save Money While Keeping Your Grass GreenWarmer weather pushes families outside of their homes and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D. The urge to maintain our lawns and get them looking as beautiful as possible is itching inside everyone. But, before you run your feet across the green grass, here are a few helpful tips for saving money on your lawn care.

5 Tips To Help You Save Green On Keeping Your Grass Green

  • Overseeding: Grass that was planted over 20 years ago may not have as much of a lush and full body. Old lawns are susceptible to new diseases that are not as common in newly planted grass. Before attempting to fix the issue by overwatering, try overseeding. This method allows you to implant a healthier and more modern version of your existing lawn. Make sure to wait until the ground has completely thawed out from winter, before attempting this process.
  • Aerating: Just as overseeding in the spring will help keep your lawn healthy, aerating in the fall will also keep your costs minimal. Aerating is essentially creating small holes in your lawn, which will break up the soil below. By creating these little pockets in your lawn, you are helping reduce build up and creating more space for water to seep within the soil.
  • Timing: At Capital Sprinkling, we will help you create timing for any sprinkler system that we install for you. We understand that the cost of running water can accumulate, but to save money, time your watering during cooler parts of the day. The best time of day to water your lawn is during the early hours of the morning.
  • Fertilizing: Our experts suggests that lawns should be fertilized every 5 weeks. Ideally, using a slow-release fertilizer will help disperse the nourishment evenly, and over a longer period of time. This process will save you money each time you fertilize your lawn.
  • Mowing: While the golf course may look ideal, you’re probably not teeing off in your front yard. By setting your mower high, your lawn will need less watering. The taller the grass, the longer the root system, and in turn, will cause the water to dive deep into the soil. This process can save you money by limiting the number of times you will actually need to water your lawn.

Our company services also include beautiful landscape lighting, backflow testing, lawn sprinkler repair and many other services to help keep your home beautiful.

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