Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades For Spring

Sharpen Lawn Mower BladeIt is important to always make sure your lawn mower is working properly, in order to maintain your lawn at its’ highest potential. This includes keeping your blades sharp as you cut your perfect grass. When your lawn mower blades are dull, it not only cuts poorly, but can be damaging to your lawn and make it more susceptible to diseases.


If you feel that you’re ready and capable of sharpening your lawn mower blades yourself this spring, Capital Sprinkling has a quick guide to get your lawn ready to be cut to perfection!


Warning: Be careful when handling blades, even if they are dull. Even the dullest blade is still sharp enough to cause physical cuts and pain. Make sure to always wear gloves when working with lawn mower blades!

  1. Remove the spark plug – The first thing you should do when removing your blades to sharpen them, is to remove the spark plug. This will ensure that your motor will not turn on when handling your mower at any time.
  2. Remove your blades – By using a wrench and a piece of wood, you can easily remove your lawn mower blades. Place the wood between the deck and blade, so the blade will remain still when removing it with the wrench.
  3. Give the blade a good cleaning – This is a great time to get your blade looking shiny and new! Remove any excess grass or lawn clippings that have formed on the mower blade, and potentially any rust that has developed. Make sure the blade is completely dry before placing it back on the lawn mower.
  4. Sharpen your blade – There are a few ways you can sharpen your lawn mower blades; with a vice or a belt grinder/sander. Either way will work just fine, based on what you have available. If you are not comfortable sharpening the blade on your own, your local hardware store should be able to sharpen it for you.
  5. Put the blade back on the mower – When you put the blade back on your lawn mower, you’ll want to check for balanced. This will ensure that your lawn will be cut evenly, the mower will run smoothly, and the machine is correct. Want to check to see if your blade is balanced? Try spinning the blade on a table to see if it moves in a balanced direction.


When you take extra care of the items that keep your lawn healthy and looking great, your lawn will thank you! Keep your lawn mower in great condition by checking the blades at least once a season, and alleviate any potential damage to your lawn. Want more tips on preparing your lawn for the spring? Call Capital Sprinkling today! (248) 524-0885