Start Working On 2015’s Lawn Now!

Lawn Work Tips For 2015 SpringNo one wants to start thinking about the bitter cold months that are ahead of us in Michigan, which is why we’re skipping it all together, and heading right to spring! Capital Sprinkling knows that preparing your lawn in the fall for the upcoming spring is the best path for both your grounds and budget. Here are a few small areas to address that will make a big impact in the long run.

Capital Sprinkling Recommends:

  • Address the Weeds – Not all weeds are the same, and shouldn’t be handled similarly. Investigate which weeds are causing irritations in your yard, and tackle them with the appropriate weed killers. Your local gardening store associates should be able to help guide you in the right direction, if you’re stuck on how to rid yourself of tricky weeds.
  • Tackle the Crabgrass – Most likely, any crabgrass issues you have can be naturally taken care of with the winter cold and snow. However, to make sure it is eliminated completely, make sure to add herbicide to the area, once spring hits.
  • Aerate the Lawn – Aeration works at its best during the fall. This is possibly the trickiest task on this list, but the professionals at Capital Sprinkling can help guide you in the right direction.
  • Fertilize with Care – If you don’t make a habit of fertilizing your lawn, the least you should do is fertilize in the fall. This allows the grass to withstand the cold winter months, and come back luscious and greener in the spring.
  • Leave a Little More – When you cut your lawn for the final time of the year, make sure to leave it a little longer than normal. Capital Sprinkling suggests allowing your lawn to stay at about 2 inches for the winter months, as a deterrent for diseases that can pop up in the snow. The shorter the grass, the more susceptible it can become.
  • Rake the Leaves – Rather than bagging your leaves, make them work for you, by spreading them across flowerbeds with added mulch. Your plants benefit from the added nutrients and minerals from the fallen leaves.
  • Keep the Water On – Many people stop watering their lawns come fall, but at Capital Sprinkling, we suggest to keeping your sprinklers on throughout October and early November. These months are some of the driest in Michigan, and your will recuperate faster after the winter, if it isn’t completely dried out.

Want more tips on how to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter and spring? Call Capital Sprinkling today! (248) 524-0885