Tackling Your Favorite Weeds: Dandelions

Prevent Weed TipsWe bet you’ve already noticed dandelions starting to sprout and take over your yard. Dandelions are everywhere and while they’re a pretty shade of yellow, they’re definitely unwanted in any homeowner’s lawn. Unfortunately, dandelions are strong weeds and can grow just about anywhere, and love the sun. Just because you can’t see the dandelions blooming the fall and winter months, their roots are still thriving underground. There are many different ways to be rid of dandelions, but not all methods are created equally. Ready to rid yourself of these tough weeds for good? Capital Sprinkling has a few tips!

  • Digging for dandelions – The most common way homeowners try and rid themselves of dandelions is to dig their way through them. However, dandelion roots are a lot longer and stronger than you think. It is rare that you’ll be able to get down to the bottom of them all and really eliminate dandelions at the root. This is why digging is an extremely time consuming and invasive form of dandelion removal. We don’t recommend it unless you only have a small area to tackle.
  • Let your lawn grow – The thicker and healthier your lawn is, the less room there is for dandelions to thrive. When you’re ready to cut your lawn, change your blade setting so that your lawn is no less than 2 inches high. Between keeping your lawn longer and seeding regularly, dandelions will become an issue of the past. This is because the lawn will block out more sunlight and the dandelions will have no room to grow.
  • Check your pantry – A quick Google search will lead you to a list of dozens of home-made dandelion remedies. Usually these ingredients for dandelion removal include vinegar, salt, and boiling water. We’ve even see suggestions for purchasing a rabbit and letting it loose in your yard to eat up the dandelions! While not all of these areas always work, if you’re looking for a more eco-conscious route for dandelion removal, this is the way to go.
  • Purchase a herbicide – There are several different types of herbicides on the market that claim to tackle dandelions and rid them from your lawns forever. Make sure that if you do purchase one of these products that it is safe for your lawn and vegetation. Due to the vast amount of dangerous chemicals that can be found in these products, we suggest reading the instructions carefully and handling these products delicately.

The main takeaway about dandelions is to try and rid yourself of them before they become fluffy and white, and start floating all over you lawn. Capital Sprinkling wants to help you and your lawn be weed free all summer long!