What Type Of Grass Do You Have?

Cool Season Grass TypesUp here in Michigan, we typically have a wide range of cool season grasses. What is a cool season grass? It means that your grass is most vibrant and rich during the cooler months of fall and spring. When summer and winter hits, your grass becomes more dormant in nature, and hides out until the weather feels lush again. Here are some of the most common cool season grasses, and what you can learn form them to help your lawn.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This type of grass is typically a deep shade of green and fine in texture. It makes for an attractive lawn, and is able to withstand heavy moisture and extreme temperature changes. Kentucky Bluegrass is best for areas that get direct sunlight, and typically don’t require excessive watering.

Rough Bluegrass

Also a fine textured grass, Rough Bluegrass tends to be more of a lighter green colored lawn. However, this grass does best in shaded and moist areas. Rough Bluegrass is easily maintained in areas with lower temperatures, and color holds strong almost up until winter. If you’re not one to hang out on your lawn, Rough Bluegrass may be your best option.


This type of grass is most common in cooler and humid areas, such as the northeastern part of the country. Bentgrass does the best where it is coolest at night, and daytime temperatures don’t get too extremely hot. Bentgrass does not need to be watered excessively, and mostly during the cooler times of the day.

Perennial Ryegrass

This type of grass does best near the water or coast. It is not as common in Michigan, as it doesn’t tolerate extremely cold weather too well. However, we have found it used in some areas in Metro Detroit, as it does do well in shaded lawns. Perennial Ryegrass does well with moderate watering, and is a great option for your lawn if you are using it often.

Understanding what type of grass you have is crucial to maintaining a healthy lawn. By knowing how often, and when you should be watering your lawn, you can make it last a lifetime.

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