Your Lawn Needs Mulch And Here’s Why

Mulch With RakeWhen it comes to maintaining your lawn, why would you let all of your hard work go to waste because you didn’t feel like finishing the job? All of that time spent planting horticulture and flowers shouldn’t be left for the sun to destroy. Let mulch help you finish the job!

Mulch 101

Mulch can vary from batch to batch, but is mostly comprised of wood chips, leaves, grass, moss, and straw. Some other forms of mulch are also made of compost, and all types of mulch is typically distributed across flower beds, trees, and other shrubs.

What Does Mulch Do?

  • Combats Erosion – When soil is without mulch, it is more susceptible to the elements found in nature. Believe it or not, water can cause your soil to erode, and damage your plants over time. Erosion is the first sign that your plants have lost important nutrients, such as a nitrogen and phosphorus. Your plants are bound to die without these elements, and this is where mulch can help. Mulch will not only prevent erosion, but it also supplies plants with the exact nutrients they are lacking.
  • Limits Evaporation – The nutrients in your plants are important, but they also need water to make their livelihood whole. When soil is not surrounded by mulch, and left to bake in the hot sun, water evaporates faster from the ground. Mulch offers a barrier of protection between the sun and liquid in the soil, allowing plants and trees to gather up as much as necessary in order to thrive all summer long.
  • Prevents Weeds – Weeds appear in your lawn when they’re exposed to sunlight and begin to germinate. How can mulch stop weeds? When they’re covered under a layer of this compost, they are limited from the sun, and can no longer germinate. The best way to minimize weeding in your yard is to add mulch!

Mulch has the ability to keep your lawn healthy and hearty all summer long, and at Capital Sprinkling, we always suggest that our customers use it plentifully wherever necessary. Want more tips on how to keep your lawn and grass thriving all year long? Give us a call today and see how we can help install lawn sprinkler systems on your property and keep your mulch and lawn working at top notch! (248) 524-0885